When it rains it pours.

For those of you that live around me or have been watching the news, we have been getting drenched in the DC area. (not complaining).


Well yesterday on my way home I saw some of the most odd ball and ludicrous things ever… and I thought I would share.

Sitting in traffic the guy next to me gets out of his car in the pouring rain and causally walks back to his back door and pulls a bottle coke out and then walks back to his drivers door. He then stops and begins to pour out half.  He then gets in his car and pulls out a bottle of liquor and mixes himself a drink! LOL   Well I guess this could qualify as a mobile hurricane party!


Later on I am sitting in traffic and notice a guy fighting to get into a turn lane to go left. I stop and be the nice person and let him go.. he then swoops in front of me with a U turn.  What comes next really confuses me!  We go one block up and he gets in the left turn lane and again does a U turn and heads back the way he was originally going.  One would think maybe he missed his turn and this was the case, however we were on a bridge and there were no right turns for another half mile PAST where the first turn occurred! lol   I can only think to myself he is singing ring around the rosey when doing this!


Few more miles and the traffic is starting to pick up. I notice this young woman out walking her dog and standing at the street corner. I quickly move over to avoid the huge puddle of water in front of her so I do not soak her and the tiny rat like animal she has on the leash. I look behind me to  see a car 4 car lengths behind me plow into the puddle slamming the poor woman and most likely drowning the dog.  Congrats asshole, karma has you in the crosshairs!

Last but not least I stopped at Target to grab some stuff for home. As I walk in I make a beeline for the bathroom. Just as I am getting there this child runs full force to in front of me and as soon as she is in the path starts to look up and me and walk slowly pulling her balloon behind her! Ok Seriously!? Do I need to smack you mother for not teaching you common sense… or choosing that day to NOT swallow?!






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