Interesting start in the morning

So as usual I am on my way to work and again the WTF people are out in full force! lol

As I am driving I noticed this genius here. Can we spot the problem? Wonder how he would explain this to a cop in an accident where he sideswipes someone “not seeing them”! lol


Next I stop in at the local store and when walking by the bakery I see these…. not sure exactly what kind of tea you drink with these bad boys.. but it has to be hallucinatory lol


As I am checking out I noticed that someone has their liquid bread breakfast and want to go home and “eat”! Mind you this is 8 am in the morning! lol


Last but not lease on the least leg of the drive this individual stopped in front of me.  I really wonder if someone would have confused them for pizza delivery if they would not have clarified what they deliver!






















































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