A day out on the town

So needed to get some work done on my truck and during that time I was riding around with my mom helping her out on some things she needed to get done.

First we stopped at everyone’s favorite WalMart! Where as we were getting ready to go in a young man walked by her truck with his left hand holding his right wrist in a death grip and his right hand going all over the place with the fingers wiggling as well. Needless to say after seeing that my Mom died laughing when I told her he had to keep it under control before it killed again now that it has tasted blood!

When checking out I noticed the cashier’s nametag said Tequila! Makes me wonder if this was for what was used to to help bring her into existence… lol

While I was standing in line I noticed this. A toddler that looks like a 20 something woman, Casey Anthony in a bikini, a large assed morally challenged woman made famous by a self made porno and a woman that is an ex playboy bunny that used to “date” hugh Hefner and they covered the cosmo because it had the word SEX on it. Ummm nice to see where the priorities are.


We then stopped by the local WalGreens. This next item I think would be a perfect stocking stuffer for that someone that would love to put a little Justin Bieber in their mouth!

Next is a major win for product placement!

Last but not least! We have a new mexican restaurant that is very proud and promoting one of their best dishes! LOL.  Do I really need to say anything about this that you are not already thinking?!




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  1. Idle hands are the devils playground and so is WalMart.

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