Found a new website to see all sorts of interesting WTF

So was tooling around on the interwebs when I came across this site call 


Needless to say they have some interesting and down right ODD selections lol

Here is the Banana protector… Oddly enough it really looks like something else..

and WTF exactly are you doing to the damn banana that you need to buy a hard plastic shell for it!? SERIOUSLY!?


Next item up for sale is the free hand work out glove.. This nifty device I am sure is marketed to all teen aged boys that are obsessed with WOW and other assorted online games that prevent them from having lives. (I am a gamer so I can make this joke! LOL) As you can see it has a nifty pocket which is good for having on hand (pun) extra tissues or bottle of lotion if needed.




Going along with that same spirit comes the Intercourse cookbook. I feel sure most of the recipes include the following ingredients. Viagra, cialis, spanish fly, oysters, tequila and possibly ether.

Next is a dentist’s dream come true. Also after the last few items you can ONLY go straight to the gutter on this one.  Can we say ribbed for her pleasure?

Ok really.. someone was stupid enough to invent this?! Obviously this was not a person thinking far enough ahead or had kids. Besides.. do you really want to go to work smelling like ice cream? What happens when that weird lady that is on a diet in your office suddenly starts licking you! Well actually depending on you that might be a good thing!


Nothing sexual about this (except the disturbing image of the stick up that poor bear’s ass) However this would be a nifty weapon if you froze it! Anyway just the sheer size of this is enough to worry any parent..but take comfort this is the SMALLER one. There is actually a 1 foot tall version of this that weighs in around 5lbs!



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  1. SWEET! Well if you share with me you totally get the credit as you can see from my other posts. I never take credit for other people’s findings! lol

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