I spy with my little eye…

So on the work today I was cut off by an overweight guy riding a mountain bike and smoking a cigarette……I am really not should where I should start making fun of him so I will let you guys go ahead and do it for me! lol

I then drive a little further where I get behind two prius side by side and all I can think is I was driving to work today and thought to myself “You know what would be funny to watch? Two guys drag racing in Prius! I bet they would drive by and you would hear “I think I can, I think I can!”” My friend Jen made in response to this “The little hybrid that could!”

I get in and open facebook to see this advertisement fail of the year! Have to appreciate the sense of irony here though.


I then see this picture posted on another friend’s facebook. Someone take this guy’s man card away! lol


Last but not least my friend Tracy posted she was just at 7-11 where there was a heated argument between the clerk and a shoplifter about him stick a doughnut down his pants! Maybe he was trying to practice for a rind toss contest.. you never know! lol




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