A day out of the house

Went out with a friend this weekend because they needed to pick some stuff up for a trip next weekend.  Needless to say being warm and sunny brought out all the nuts.

Starting off, we stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things. As we where checking out the guy in front of us was taking a long time to check out. I think part of it was due to him already being drunk at 10am but the bulk was from him trying to talk into this iphone and swipe his foodstamp card! Lucky he brought cash to get his next 12 pack before buying his food.  Did I forget to mention he has a dolphin tattoo on his neck and middle part of his ear cartilage pierced?!  Needless to say this guy took the award for WTF.

As we were leaving I looked over and saw this sign for an open house! Something tells me someone was asleep at the wheel when they chose this graphic instead of something like say.. an ARROW!

Then we stopped at the new WalMart that just opened! This was a TREASURE trove of fucktards!

As we pull up I parked in  the empty part of the parking lot where these two guys were standing on the roof watching  two other men walk to a car out in the lot…. I am not sure if they were loss prevention or just voyeurs. Reason I mention that was because one fellow was following a man while pulling on a pair of blue latex gloves! Not sure I was to think what may be happening there! lol

As we enter we walk by the kids section. Needless to say it really disturbs me the crap they are pawning off as boardgames these days!

For eample… a game about picking up dog crap!? Seriously?!

Then there is this educational wonder! The Jersey Shore game! Comes with 10 gallons of hair gel, spray on tan and four shots of penicillin! What peaks my interest… how can there be 600+ questions? Unless we are going to use most of them for who had sex with  who.  Kind of like the Kevin Bacon game… but with STDs,

My friend wanted to stop by Old Navy on the way back to look for a TShirt. So I walked around looking as this place is hell for me! lol

I came across this in the children’s section. I could not help noticing the cassette tape print on a shirt for a child that most likely was not conceived until AFTER they became obsolete. Congrats guys on staying up to date!

As we are leaving I look over in the car next to me and noticed this!  No clothes… just A lot of hangers!  This does not bode well.. lol

Pulling out I happened to notice this on the window for a store. Was not sure what the store was since this was on the side.. but it has to be a full service shop! Plus they must get a lot of repeat business.

I pull into my parking lot as it was starting to rain and needed to clean out some crap from my car.. when this lady walks up with a small bag of trash and a plastic bag on her head! Seriously…would an umbrella not be a better choice? Lol

Last but not least got home and we wanted to watch a movie. As we were going through the choices and landed on the romance Section.  I have heard of saying I love you with Diamonds… but bullets? (also did not notice this till just now Indecent proposal, always a good movie about romance and fidelity!)


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