Have a little money to burn?

Thanks to Adam sending me this link http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com, I have new ways to laugh and get presents  in time for Christmas!

So for you Mothers that REALLY like the Aliens movies… here is something for you!   Marrying laziness with sci fi pop culture! Only in America!

For that one guy in your family that  can never have enough beer and loves Rambo!  This does not necessitate the person receive this gift has a drinking problem… only if they show up only wearing this can that be said! lol

For those of you that  are REALLY into Harry Potter (I am sorry lol) I can see someone screaming excelsior or shazam every time they change a channel.  (Looks like the model has that Gi Joe Kungfu grip going on…. maybe someone should take away his blow up Hermione doll…..

All I can say here is WFT!?  I guess there is NOTHING you can do with this knife… well except put this in your pants or get a girlfriend! lol

So in that spirit is our next gift… for those people who like to stab!  I do not suggest getting this for husband who really HATE their mother in law.

Inserts obligatory “Bust a nut” joke here!  Seriously.. did they really think this graphic was going to make me jump and buy instantly? Who stores 50K in diamonds in their rusty bolt? And where would you hide the bolt?  lol

Ok… so many wrong things with this one!  First off  WHY would you waste money on something like this that obviously is a visual joke? Also HOW much did that pay this poor model to lay on a playboy next to this geek? LOL Because lets face it guys that are buying pillows like that are not getting girls like her…. well without a lot of alcohol and or ductape.

This is for the ladies.. since your man is too lazy to pick up the seat and put it back down, they have invented this wondrous marvel! It also works for you ladies to help lift the seat to drown his ass after he still does not do it! lol

Really.. what can I say here that this does not already scream!? lol

Ok… this one confuses me…. why would you be burning incense outdoors???

For all you old Guns and Roses fans!  You can jam out to this and then shoot that weirdo Buckethead!

Last but not least! Bacon Bandaids!  Manufacturer is not legal responsible if you try and gnaw your arm or legs off after applying these!


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  1. Bacon Bandaids? Of course, it’s obvious really.

  2. Wow….this was really hilarious. I can’t believe this shit is actually out there for sale. I gotta say that I totally want the magic wand remote control though. 😉

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