Where’s the love… and the beef?

Standing at the local subway I saw this cute brunette. she was buying a meat sandwich and a veggie patty sandwich. The guy guy halfway through making both when he grabbed veg and meat and tossed them both in together and heated them in the microwave. I looked over and smiled and said “You are aware he is microwaving them both together? Just thought that odd given what they are!” She kind of looked at me and shrugged and said they are 2 different sandwiches. I just let it go and kept waiting my turn.

Then after arguing for 3-5 minutes with the lady behind the counter about what bread I wanted for my sandwiches because she kept pulling out the white, rosemary and whatever else when I ordered 9 grain oat, the young lady walked by me and said “You know it just hit me what you were trying to tell me and yeah that was not cool!” She then left.

After the lady put the cheese and toasted them the plopped them down in front of the veggies and asked was there anything else I wanted? “Yeah can I get the steak and cheese and chicken I ordered?” half laughing.  She then traded with this young guy and said something to him in korean and he then started to make my sandwiches.

While he was doing that this song came on the loudspeaker and all i could do was laugh at the irony.



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