Going to the airport and fan submissions!

So I was picking up my friend at the airport last night and got to see all kinds of cool and wonderful WTF. Also some other assorted stuff that was sent to me as well.

First up…. Your TSA security hard at work.   I guess between awkward molestations and random cavity checks every needs a power nap!

We stopped by Sheetz to get some food and while there someone ordered a black Russian! (sorry comrades, could not get a shot of the big red star on the front without him seeing me lol)

Next up was emailed to me from a fan who wishes to remain anonymous! Looks like he found the Big sister of Mr Born to be Mild from my earlier post! (generally I try not to make fun or large people as I am one.. but come on.. WTF!?)

This was sent in by Michelle!  Some people REALLY take the Apple stuff a tad too far! (I get the feeling someone has not gotten a girlfriend yet lol)

In the spirit of Breast Cancer awareness month this was submitted by Jessica! She took this picture of Greenlanter movie pins in the breast cancer pin basket! (I know Ryan Reynolds does things for you ladies.. but does he really remind you to check your breasts?)  On a side note if anyone is interested in donating for breast cancer research please feel free to go to my favorite charity http://www.feelyourboobies.com/   Tell them Deviant seen you and ask them to please get the belt buckles back in stock! PWEEEEESE!!! lol

Last but not least! Another Hybrid taxi! Nothing too special about this.. just found it funny that they spent the time putting that on the side of each of their taxis. Is this a marketing tool that is going to make you choose THIS taxi company over another? What if the other company if giving out free lapdances!? Choices… choices!!!


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