Riding around in my automobile….

So over the weekend I encountered several less than intelligent people. lol

First we start with pulling out of my parking lot this morning there was a guy in a ski cap, heavy coat, shorts and smoking a cigarette while riding his bike! With that beard of his though it looked like he was carrying a small dog in his mouth with the cigarette up it’s arse.   Kinda of make you wonder if he is the next contestant on Darwin Awards..


Next  with the young girl who decided to stop on her bicycle on the side of the road to have a phonecall. For some reason it did not occur to her to get up on the sidewalk to do this, but instead make drivers dodge her quickly as she was in a curve!  I can see her twitter “Have a new tattoo of the Dodge ram emblem on my left cheek… not by choice…”


Then there was the gentleman that I can only guess he has been tease a lot about buying a mini cooper, because he has a sticker on the back in bold white letters “IT IS NOT CUTE! IT IS MEAN!  Wonder if his next move is to get a gun rack for it that matches the Hello Kitty seat covers.


This one really makes me worry about the DC educational system as well as common sense. Driving along there is a sign on the side of the road that says “Right turn lane closed!”  after you go over the hill it is sitting on you see the left turn lane closed!  Awesome guys, you would think with all those tax dollars we are spending they could make reading comprehension part of the hiring process!  Not going to push the common sense agenda as I do not want to anger any politicians.. lol

Then there was the young lady who decided to switch lanes at the stoplight from the far right lane.  She pulled out and then stopped with the back of her car in the right lane, the body of the car in the lane I am in and the bumper in the left turn lane. This would not have been very odd if it were not for the fact there where no other cars there and she just stopped and seemed to debate what she was doing in the  middle of the street! You know.. I hate when those life altering decisions like what direction do I drive tear me apart! How about you guys?


Last but not least, my friend Colin told me about this one when I got to work.  He stopped at the local gas station. While pumping a woman ran into the barrier at the pumps and cracked her front end. When she got out to inspect the car she noticed he was looking at her. She then proceeded to tell him this was the fourth time doing that at this exact gas station!  Ok kids.. lesson learned.. Lightning may rarely strike the same place twice.. but stupidity carpet bombs repeatedly.






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