Remember the 5th of November

Ok so there were no people running around in Guy Fawkes  masks trying to blow up government buildings.. but it was memorable none the less!


My girlfriend and I walked into UPS in the morning to pick up a package.  The lady then asked “Was this something someone sent to you?” I just wanted to say “Nope we were testing the time frame it took by sending it to ourselves!”


Then we were driving to go watch her  college team OSU play at a local sports bar when we had a guy blast past us and then swings in front of my truck.   He was driving a late model firebird blasting bluegrass music with the top down in this cold winter morning. As I started to pass I noticed he was wearing a Goober hat! lol  Here is a visual aid for those of you not sure what I am talking about.


We get to the bar and begin to eat and watch the game. 30 minutes into the game a family walk in with 4 kids and dressed in football jerseys and one in actual football pads and gear.  The kids spent the whole time playing videogames and wanting to go play more videogames somewhere else. Finally one kid says “I do not like OSU,  I like the Redskins better!”  HUH!?

Then one of the waitresses found out we were also Steelers fans and happens to be  a Ravens fan.  She then recounted how she was so depressed when the Ravens were kicked out 3 years ago by the Steelers in the play offs. After she stopped telling us how much she loves football and went to do something else my Girlfriend said “I swear she knows nothing about football and if she kept going I think her head was going to explode from all the “and like… and like”!” I think she has spent too much time around me LOL

I then overhear this girl telling the guy she is having lunch with “Yeah I have this cute Football costume! It is just shoulder pads and booty shorts!”  Only to hear the guy reply excitedly with one word, “Really!?”  Now if that is not team spirit I do not know what is! lol

As we are leaving some kids were racing around the parking lot and gunned it in a straight way not noticing the speed bump and hit it hard enough to remove the muffler…. oh to be a fly on the wall at that house when they explain this  to Mom and Dad.

We then stopped by WalMart. The woman behind us put down a box of doughnuts, fruitsnacks, soda, honeybuns, cinnamon buns, rice krispy treats and 2 Healthy choice meals. I had to keep from cracking up.  That was quickly helped along by the cashier not being able to get a movie out of the security package for a customer.  He then hands it to his manager who fights with it  till he flags down a customer service desk worker and asks him to go get a new one and return this to the department.  15 minutes later the woman got tired of waiting so she runs back and grabs 2 copies from the shelf and gets back just as  the guy returns with the same DVD opened.  So instead of using the ones the customer brought up they spend another 5 Minutes trying to fight the DVD out of the case because it is stuck inside.LOL Somewhere out there a monkey has written one of the plays of Shakspeare in this time.

As I am being rung out I hear a girl’s voice say loudly “Did you hear about the tragedy!? They are getting divorced!” I turn and look to see her pointing to a picture of Kim Kardashian to her older sister.   Tragedy?! Really!?

I really fear for the future of this world..


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