My time as a manager at WalMart

So in reading another blogger’s experience at a walmart, it reminded me of the time I was a manager for a few.

I have to say in the three years I did it I saw some of the weirdest, confusing and down right odd things any human could witness.

I am sure I mentioned one or two of these in previous posts, however I am not really one to care and sometimes people need to be told a second time to actually get it! Lol just kidding.

Where to start… Well there is the one about the the lady who put a summer’s eve douche kit together and proceeded to take care of business right on the aisle. Glad I no longer was part of the clean up crew.

Then the was the young lady we caught stealing $500 in steaks by putting them under her infant child in the stroller, poor kids look like it was doing a back arch because of all the meat under it.

Then there was the young lady that wanted to return a tv “because it would not fit in the house door!” and when I pulled the bad tape job she did on the bottom of the box, out fell a a completely different tv that was covered in dirt and dust! She immediately flew into a rage and started cursng at us and accused us of selling her piece of junk!

Then there was the guy who bought a weed eater 6 months prior and decided to try and mow his entire lawn with it, burning out the engine. He tried to return it without a receipt. Needless to say after he spent an hour on the phone screaming at home office he finally got what He wanted.

Then there was the couple that returned a black Friday computer that actually turned out to be three logs and some news papers. Needless to say the reclamation lady in the back used all sorts of colorful words to the customer service desk.

Then there was the young lady that was caught shoplifting. When they brought her in for questioning while waiting for the police and when the articles of clothing she was accused of stealing was mentioned she became unstable and proceeded to remove all of her clothing and throw it at the security people. Made me feel bad I forgot all my ones that day!lol

Then there was the day that one of my stockers decided to get baked and try to use the cherry picker to get some TVs down. Unfortunately his judgment in distance and speed were slightly compromised due to his condition and he ended up knocking over 48 inch Sony wegas. For those of you not versed in the world of entertainment technology, those are very large heavy sets that weight 200 lbs each give or take. He knocked them off an elevated shelving area that was about 20 feet in the air. Good thing there were n customers around where they landed.

There was the shoplifter we chased that was trying to steal a 6pack of beer. When we grabbed him he wriggler loose of his $200 coat that he stashed the beer in and his watch and then proceeded to run like the devil. So in essence we ended up robbing him!

Then there was the 10 year old girl that decided to walk up and down the area in front of cash registers area looking for someone with her thong coming up out of the back of her pants.

There was the time I walked into the janitorial area to get something and caught a cashier giving her cart pusher boyfriend a stress relieving exercise! Talk about being caught redhanded.

I witnessed a small girl maybe no more than 6-7 steal a stapler by sticking it down her pants!

Last but not least we were doing a store inspection on another store when the district manager walked in with swollen eye. After some of the female managers talked to her they found out that she spent the previous evening celebrating with her boyfriend! Things happened and when she was giving him…. His present, he was a little off on his aim..needless to say!


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  1. And you lasted three years? You should have received hazard pay for being around such an abundance of stupidity.

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