This just in!!!!!

So on this boring Monay morning I have decided to look at the news… and boy am I glad I did! I feel so edumacated!Most of these Feeds were brought to you by

For those of you that like to meditate, maybe doing so in the garage is a grand idea!!!

DAMN!!! They outed me.. I was going to give my girlfriend a caterpillar carcass wrapped in silk and then mount her when she was enamored!

Honestly I think this story was made because either the author had too much time on their hands or the battery was dying in their hearing aid!

See ladies! Men can be portrayed in a bad light as well! Hell my Boss is very intelligent and runs around in shirts too small for him or untucked showing off his stomach!

Really… I have nothing to say here.. I will just let this story box it up for you!

Man they re not kidding..  this is a whole new spin on shared custody!?

Man! What celebrities will not do to themselves to stay in the spotlight! LOL

Not picking on the weedheads… but you have to admit.. someone had to be stoned to post this!

Hmm what joke should I go with here!?  Hitting below the belt or adding insult to injury?

I think this is a good ending to this deluge of WTF!   Wish I could a big pretty cyberbow on this one for you! lol

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