What were they thinking when they did this?!

So thanks to Facebook I am getting friend suggestions on a regular basis. These are some of the Profile pics of the nut jobs they have been suggesting to me!

First up… Prince Albert in a can! (think about it and of you come up with nothing ask the guy with the lip ring next to you!) Wonder of later he gave her “sleepy time candy”

LOL Next is this creepy looking guy. I can honestly say I have never seen a MALE do this in my life. Guess he also like lavender baths and manny pettys pr however you spell it.

Next is Vanilla Ice’s little brother  Vanilla frappuccino!

Next is this guy! How does one accomplish this!? I am a fatguy and never once have I gotten a child’s tricycle stuck in my crotch!

Next is this gentleman that is mixed up.. he cannot figure out if he is roman or scottish! Either way he is disturbing! Side note… towel are really more effective when you rub them against yourself.. not spread out and wait for you to drop dry!

Next is the guy who has been raiding his Grandmother’s cedar chest! (at least all the Christmas gang symbols are represented here so there is less chance of a throw down!)

Ok.. I was not popular in highschool and did not have a lot of girlfriends.. but at least I did not have to Photoshop (badly) A date to the prom into a picture!

Last but not least I leave you with this.. I am not going to say anything… mainly because I am laughing to hard to think straight!


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  1. The prom pic is hilarious!!! lmao

  2. Hmmm..I’m jealous. I haven’t gotten any requests this cool. I will keep waiting for them tho. 🙂

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