What are you thankful for?

One of the things I am thankful for… people that do not think before leaping! If it were nto for them… well I would have nothing to write about! lol

Today is going to be a mix of Profile pics and wtf I see!

Starting off! How I met your mother! I guess this is one way to meet a man!

Next up!

What the hell is this guy doing with Jack Sparrow!?!?!  Wait is Jack smiling?


Ummm Really.. does anything need to be stuck in here? I mean said here! DAMN!

Next is time for the random stuff! lol

I bet next time kids come to the house saying Trick or Treat you will have those damn Snickers!


I am so glad for this! I hate when my chickens are high on Meth and keep asking me for change!


ninja Diddlers!?


Really.. Decaf Espresso? That is like eating pie made from tofu!


zGuess who I am not going to ride with ever! Creepy Dutch Bastard!

Last but not least.. perhaps the stupidest thing WalMart has done to date!

I asked the Manager how many times this gets hit a day. He says he stopped counting after 50! lol


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  1. The buffalo bill license plate is hilarious!

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