Monthly Archives: December 2011

Helping a friend move something

So on a nice brisk Sunday morning I was helping my friend Seth move a new ski machine for his wife to their house. During this time I was able to witness all kinds of goodies for your viewing pleasure!

First up.. thanks to my building maintenance people removing all the exit signs I almost could not find my way out of my building! LOL  (these have been sitting in this spot for almost a month now)

Next… during my drive to meet up with him I saw this on the side of the road. Unless you are a government official or James Bond bad guy.. who the hell has gold bars  just laying around? Also who would even conceive of selling said bars to a company advertising on highway signs?! lol


Stopping by WalMart to pick up some tools. We get to see how some “tools”  during the holidays pay attention.. or even care. (pssst btw she did not have a handicap sticker)


 Nothing says Cute and adorable kid like Darth Vader backpacks! lol

As we are leaving I noticed this! You have to appreciate the smarts on the dentist on this one! (fyi this is the SECOND time I have seen a dentist in business next to a place like this!) Best Business placement ever!

Also.. we followed this guy out…. really makes me worried he has been allowed to drive.. and there are TWO or more of them! lol


We finally get to the lady’s house we are getting it from and I see this! lol

On my way home I stopped to get something to eat. I noticed this.. and it kind of depressed me! lol

Last but not least! A flock of seagulls!