T’is the season…

So I was at several stores last night and noticed that they had out their Christmas stuff.  Needless to say I could not help but notice a few interesting things.



Lets start with this shall we? Perhaps I am just getting old and no understanding.. WHY in the HELL are we giving things to our kids to make them think\act like they are older?!

Dora the explorer nail paint set?

Captain America Shaving set???


Also given the recent success in the Twilight series stores are clamoring to hitch their wagons to it by any means necessary!  Here is the Body fantasy of Vampire (sparkles and self respect sold separately)



Here is a gift for that certain woman or sometimes man that always has to be causing headaches for others! (beats a shovel ans bag of lime right?)


Ok.. I am confused here! What  season is this again? Also how dare they portray some women as soul sucking tarts! (So going to get emails on that one I bet lol)

For those of you who would like to trade in your idiot friend that drives you nuts! lol


For those of you looking for something a little more risque this season! (gives a whole new meaning to “Stocking stuffer”)


Needless to say I do not think this will be the last post of this season, however I wish you all a great holiday and New Year just in case!  Feel free to submit anything you would like shown from your outings!


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