Another reason why I am not allowed in public

Back when I was a teenager and still living with my mom we used to go out to eat.  One night she decided she wanted to go to the local golden corral because she liked their  buffet.

While we were waiting  in line to get our plates and such I stopped where the soda machine was at.  If none of you have ever looked at a fountain style soda dispenser, it has a cut off key. 

I turned the key and took it out and placed it right next to the machine.  We then proceeded to sit within line of sight to see the ensuing hilarity.  First the waitress looked at it and press the levers a few times to confirm that it was in fact not dispensing.  Then she got the manager involved when she could not figure it out in the 2 minutes of trying.

He then proceeded to repeat what she did and even smacked it a few times (redneck fixing stuff method).  Then he called over 2 of the cooks that I guess where trained in electrical engineering and repair.  They did proceeded to removed the front face plate and poke around to see if anything was loose or amiss. Then they removed the top and back to check it all over. 

About this time I am laughing and my mom sees everything that is being done to the machine. Without missing a beat she looks at me through OMFG eyes and says “What did you do now!?” and then starts to giggle. 

45 minutes later the manager is calling someone on the phone and scratching his head looking at the machine. People are a bit perturbed that they are not able to get their caffeinated nectar of the gods and getting more so that they have to drink tea and water.

Finally the one of the M.I.T. cooks looks over and sees the key. He then proceeds to put it in the lock and turns it.  VIOLA!!! SODA!

They then quickly put it together before the crowd  starts a riot and begins screaming ATTICA!!! ATTICA!!!

Funny how one tiny little thing can cause so much fun!


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  1. Your mom is a lot nicer than mine!

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