Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone. As always I had an interesting weekend.  Hope you like this mix of interesting things I see and some people I come across. (FYI I think Facebook found out I was making fun of pics and stopped suggesting friends lol)


So driving the other morning I look over and see this! All I can say is thank goodness it was not on a white van or I might have lost it there and died laughing.

Next is an example of what some grocery stores see as fine dining! Question is.. does red or white go with fishsticks?! Your guess is as good as any! lol


After seeing how they suggest you serve your wine you might just Opt for some Mad dog 20/20 or Wild Irish rose!


Next.. well all I  think is this is what you give Vampire children to play with! Well at least the ones from Twilight! (Oh yeah in case you could not tell.. i am not a big fan lol)


This next one is from the last few friends I was suggested. All I can say is.. how can you argue with a Profile picture like this? LOL  It is like people do these things to get on my blog! (ego stroke)


Last but not least.. how can we have a holiday without a great selection of plastic toys\dolls?

Dads… you are going to have to take out a second mortgage to afford one of these Barbies! lol


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  1. lol severe wtf at the “women” in the last pic

  2. Love the “Chef’s making love to the wine bottles”… lmao

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