Extra Extra read all about it!

Here are a few stories about some really stupid people!

This first one is about a man who was almost murdered by his ex! (spoiler alert) He was quoted as saying ”The last time I came back to bed I noticed some tools under the bed,” he said.

There were two hammers, a screwdriver, and a ”big black knife” that Anderson had under her pillow.

”I didn’t say anything about them. I wondered what they were doing there though,”

Well Tim… I think she was going to sneak out and make some bookshelves for you as a going away present!


AAAAAAND back to the stupid people! Ok this next one has me confused! Not by what happened, but more about WTF is this nutjob?



Last but not least… 

This gentleman not only displayed complete lack of intelligence on his act of crime, but now serves as an example why some people should just be shipped to an island and left to fend for themselves! ENJOY!





For those of you that want to get Bigger breasts and smoke.. this one’s for you!  (Insert Hindenburg joke here)



Sorry guys… I guess you will have to find another way to pick  up women! Maybe develop a personality?!  If you need me I will be over here with your sister! *smiles*



My mom did not need a team of scientists to get me to behave! She had a belt and her hand! I turned out ok.. well for the most part! lol I say less time outs.. more knockouts! Chant with me!



OK OK OK.. not exactly a “stupid person story”! But dude.. you have to admit this is AWESOME!!!!





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