More Christmas fun and NEW FRIENDS!

So I was going through WalMart the other day when I saw two things that made me really lose part of my Christmas Spirit.

This is just a testament to how lazy our kids today have gotten.. they have to have a motorized scooter!  Seriously?! I loved my old kick and push lol!

Next… well this is not only tacky.. but down right disturbing!Who would get toilet seat covers like this!?

Recently I posted Facebook stopped suggesting friends to me. Looks like they got the memo and made sure to rectify that! lol

I call this one… future congressman in training.

This on… I am not sure what he is trying to show off here.

Either his lack of housekeeping or his imaginary six pack.. lol

Last but not least… for all you Skyrim fans! Here you go!


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  1. What in the hell was that in the last pic?!?!?

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