I would like a whopper and large cup of wtf?

So as I was waiting to order food at BurgerKing the woman in front of me ordered two orders of burgers and fries. She then proceeds to ask “Is your tap water filtered?”. Ok ….I am not the most health minded person in the world… But if I am about to chomp down on cooked red meat and deep fried potatoes… I am not thinking about a few dirt particles in the water! Lol

The voice from the little soundy box replied that he did not know but they did have bottled water (expensive tap water). After telling her the price of the bottled water she then replies “No thanks I will just take the tap water!”. Wait… What?

Sooooo you are health conscious enough until you have to pay a $1.00 for a small bottle of water and then the priorities shift!? Lol

Makes me wonder if she is the type to eat an entire box of ding dongs and then drink diet soda to wash it down.


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  2. The other day I was at a diner for breakfast and there was a 300 pound woman sitting at the next table eating bacon and eggs and drinking… yup, diet Coke. WTF indeed 🙂

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