And now.. Les Nessman.. and the news!

So again this is a slow day for stupid people  and good day for catching up on current events.

Ever wonder why after eating a plate of nachos you have an overwhelming urge to move into a trailer and date your brother’s wife?

Meth Nachos!

Oddly enough.. from that story we have one for the Holidays! Now you will know why your daughter wants to be a pole dancer when she grows up and son wants to make out with candy!

Inappropriate Christmas toys

Now.. I am not sure how they do things in your hood.. but in Puerto Rico, this is how they roll for Christmas Cards!

When wild things attack!

Next we cover zee Germans and how they are trying to take over the world.. with slingshots!


Speaking of twangs! Here is a story about a group of scientists revealing that getting drunk can lead to irresponsible decision making.   Wow… your money going to those taxes are revealing the unknown everyday!

Hey you’re pretty!

Last but not least a story about everyone’s most beloved  Canadian (um can we PLEASE trade him back for another Lucy Lawless?) ruining Steampunk lifestyle!

I am hardcore homie!


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  1. Bieber’s attempt at steampunk is kind of a lame one, isn’t it? I find the video so odd. The imagery just doesn’t go with the music at all!

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