Hot off the presses

So again I find myself in a bit of a dry spell for stupid people.. so of course I will rely on my old faithful news to cheer me up!



I swear if this thing starts singing “Strokin” by Clarence Carter I am never going out in the world again! lol

Singing Insect Penis


Although this is a great way to catch asshat pervert rapists.. you have to really wonder how they trained this dog to do his job!


Sperm Sniffer


Have some sad news today kids! Shrek the sheep died! After all his hiding and daring capture only to be sheared for a good cause, passed this week! Good news is he was replaced by this woman!

Miz Fluffy Love!


This is a rather disturbing video in many ways. Barring the fact that these kids are at least older than 5 year of age and are just learning how to read!? What disturbs me most is how mom pays her bar tab!!!(ok so technically this is not news lol)

Shakin the money maker at Applebees


Not sure what joke I will go with here…. The spirit of giving in the holidays or Jingle Balls!  Oh well!

HoHoHo Merry Escort!


This force is NOT strong with this one… and neither are his screws tight!

Help me Obiwan.. you’re my only.. therapist?


SO.. I think there is a higher power trying to tell people they need more fresh fruit in their diet! lol

An apple an day…


Great… hard enough for the good men to get a date as it is.. now we  got this numb nuts making it that much harder!

GTA Mothafucka!


Another example of people not having a sense of humor and wanting to quash those who may! Next week we will punish a group for having a dunking booth!

Pucker up buttercup!


All i can say for this picture is OMG OUCH! Wonder if he will get a sponsor contract for Preparation H?

Close shave!


Hey why not! Rocky eat up a poor defenseless side of beef.. why can’t these guys put the pimp slap on  as out of line icebox!! LOL

Stick and move!


Last but not least I leave you with this Holiday warming story! Hey these are fellow geeks! For the record I totally say number 2 is the best one out of them all!


Ice sculpting 101



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