Home for the holidays!

So as many people did this year, I braved the elements and roads to be with my family.  The end result is a happy family and you get to see all the wonderful gifts the stupid people I saw had to give me! No my family is not of these people, they alone are the few intelligent ones left in that city. lol

So as usual I find a lot of my stuff from retail stores! The following is from Best Buy!

This first one was of the gentleman that was with his friends. He was very interested in the muffin maker and was amazed how you could do a whole tray in less than 20 minutes! He then became obsessed with the cotton candy maker (you can see the wand in his hand) and pretended he was making some for his friend!

Next is basically the reason why society is so screwed up!  First there was the snuggy,  then the slanket and now the footie pajamas for adult to sit around in! Also it comes with a handy butt flap so you do not have to dare take it off to use the bath room! lol

For those of you that want to put a little Justin Bieber in your mouth! The Justin Bieber motorized toothbrush! Never say Never to cavities! lol

Moving on..

My fiancee and I are moving to a new home. So being the girly girl she is, we went to Pier 1 for some decorating ideas!

I left with a whole new appreciation for weird gift ideas!


The scented eye mask! Because you know.. I want to smell jasmine and lavender when I dream!  Just glad they clarified the scent as I would have wondered if were Giraffe scented!

Perhaps it is just me… but why in the hell would you need a 4 foot spatula hanging on your wall? Do you expect giants over for flapjacks!?  Do you REALLY want to scare the living hell out of your kids when they misbehave!?  lol


This next product we circle back to people and their obsession with being pampered. This is for you ladies that live in the arctic or wherever it is so cold that you cannot take your damn gloves of to operate your  iphone! Really? We cannot get people to drive without wrecking with these things as it is… but we can make touchscreen friendly gloves!?


Which leads me to the finale!  As I was sitting out in front of the hotel with my finacee as she was smoking her cigarette when watched two minivans have a drag race!  Thinking about it.. how proud can the winner really be that he beat someone else in a minivan?! lol


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  1. If my van ever beat someone else’s in a drag race, I would tell EVERYONE I know. And maybe have it put on my tombstone. Don’t mess with Bessie!

  2. LOL.. nice. So I assume you are considering going pro circuit in the minivan racing world?

    As funny as this was it still did not beat the time I saw an 84 AstroVan with Spinners!

  3. I won’t lie… as an add-on/stocking stuffer, I threw in a pair of those damned gloves for a gal I talk to on a regular!!! lmao… I thought they were cool, at first, but, wasn’t thinking of “TEXTING WHILE DRIVING WHILE FEMALE”!!! OMG, I may be responsible for someone’s crappy commute, one morning!!! lmao

  4. Our minds move in similar ways… Footie pajamas for adults complete with butt flap are truly ridiculous, and if I was in the presence of a grown man or woman wearing one, I’d have trouble controlling my laughter. And yes, the giant spatulas are also weird. Maybe it’s a depraved S & M symbol hiding in plain sight, or maybe it’s just another stupid and ridiculous thing to waste money on… Minivan drag racing? Uh huh. Lol 😉 Thanks for the amusing read.

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