Getting ready for the move



So as I said in my previous post, we are moving.  So again I am dragged to here and there to get decorating ideas! LOL  Never fear, I found stuff here at Micheal’s!

Where else but here  would you find a Panda and a two headed Dragon having a fight!? My money is on the Panda.


I am so getting this for my friend Seth! MT Dew lip balm! I wonder what hyperactive lips feel like?

Hmmm well we got the beads taken care of… now all we need is a bar full of drunk co-eds! lol

Umm WTF?!!?  What exactly does a Knobby worm do?! lol Note the word RELIEF on there…


Men.. here is a margarita that is guaranteed to get you laid … or put your date into a coma!



For you guys that LOVE to give Chinese food for Valentines day!


Cheap Gandalf knock off!   You shall not pass… fruitcake?! (at least not without A LOT of eggnog!)

Fingerlights! For when you want to go sticking your fingers in dark holes so you can see better! lol


Ok nothing really funny here so to speak. Just blown away because I have not seen one of these since the 70s!


This one was missed on my last post.  Something tells me somebody was trying to block out the Check word and deliver a message! LOL





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  1. My hyper active lips get me in trouble anyways. I do not need mountain dew lip balm. My kids aren’t even allowed to have mountain dew. Its like crack.
    I’ve seen those finger lights in action. They are pretty cool.

  2. Oh god, those Michaels pictures are giving me retail flashbacks.

  3. Sorry that you’re going through all the aggravation and work of a move, and if you’re offline for a little while because of it, I wouldn’t be surprised. But please get back online ASAP, because this is the second day I’ve come here and really enjoyed your post. 🙂 Fun and funny stuff here, and I like your captions. Good luck with the move!

    • Lol not as much aggrivation as much as being dragged to decorating places for help on ideas and really just there for pack mule duty. My fiancee is going to make the place awesome I know, but I am going to still have fun with it one way or another!

      Thank you for enjoying reading these as much as I do posting. Feel free to check older ones as well!

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