Thank you for shopping Sears!

So during the holidays I was looking for Christmas gifts for friends… Well I found more than I bargained for!


Ever thought about going down under… well now you can go outback with your significant other with this Australian “Marriage enhancer”!  Bet this will make her hop like a kangaroo!  Ok I am going to stop before I get tossed on the barbie!


Next…. well I am not really sure what this is… but it has something that you insert and tape to secure it!


Now for those of you seeking more exotic places like the Virgin Islands! (lol) We have Banana flavored condoms! (ok not the right area but come on how else could I pull that joke?)


Now we go to the East meets West portion of the shopping.  Ever want to do Kabuki sex? Kimono condoms!

Like it a bit rough!? RUGBY condoms!  (trying to figure out the Vitamin C picture here!)

I am not sure wy you would want to treat a wound with a condom or what you were doing that would require a condom for wound care? No lotion?


For those of you that are MORE active than others… or  do a lot of party\orgy hosting…


CooChy cream?!  AND IT’S FLAVORED!?


Ok so really started looking for gifts and looked under toys!


Why are pool chems under toys?!


Ahhh Finally! The perfect gift!   A plasma cutter!!



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  1. That plasma cutter replica is BOSS

  2. LMFAO!!! Sears is in financial trouble and clearly getting desperate! Soon Sears will be running its own escort service to keep from going under, by hiring attractive women to go down, or whatever else it takes… Thanks once again for sharing. Your posts are hysterical!

  3. Dead Space Dead Space 2..that’s awesome.

  4. As an Australian I can assure you that there is nothing remotely Australian about that first one (unless I’m really behind the 8 ball!)

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