Another relaxing weekend!

So as always I had a very relaxing weekend of nothing but XBOX, but I had to go out! Some of what is below is what I saw and the rest is from Facebook suggesting friends to me again! LOL Silly FaceBook!

So I dropped off my trash and as usual it was backed up! However I had to find this one amusing! So much for THAT New resolution!?

Decided to go by WalMart  and when I was there they had their Valentines day stuff up.. (actually it was up the day after Christmas).

Nothing says I love you like a tub of Cotton candy! The Peanut butter was also a nice touch for those that are getting kinky that night! lol

Unless you want to be single again WTF would you buy this for your significant other?!

The following are from a girls that was suggested to me as a friend. Needless to say since I did not want to have a on camera chat with Chris Hansen I decider to not add her! lol

With that statement being said,  I present you with this picture! LOL

Someone almost made it to that cup and then just gave up! Should should really get an a for effort! I wonder if she was trying to play some Beer pong HORSE hybrid game!? lol

Then finally.. her and her friends are REALLY enjoying this cold tasty rootbeer! (and all of you guys are now going to Hell… so congrats! lol)


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  1. LOL! On that first pic, they should just throw away the sign along with the trash, for the good it’s doing! And the chick in the truck? Well I think that you’re wise to steer clear of her. You don’t want to end up in a place where you’ll start a new blog called “My New Life as Big Bubba’s Wife”. Nope, you just don’t wanna go there…

    Oh thanks! Now I probably AM going to hell – after gazing upon Satan’s wenches tonguing a can of Root Beer with the spelling BACKWARDS! A subtle but still unmistakable satanic sign, if ever there was… Lol

    I really like your blog! So I’m nominating you for The Versatile Blogger Award, and congratulations!

    • Oh Yeah that sign is a joke! When I first moved in there a person and stacked pizza boxes with their address on them and the leasing office did nothing. They later built a wood fence around the area so you could not see the trash pile up.

  2. I thought the sign said all ‘bones’ must be broken down, lol.

    My God, Walmart does sell some crap.

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