wine connoisseur

I know this will come as a shock to you all…. but I am not a well rounded cultured kind of guy! *gasp*

So today at lunch my friend Steve and I went to local store and he taught me about wines!

This the wine I think you are to serve to people you do not like so they are distracted from the good wines you own!

I think this is the wine you drink when you area painting a 70’s rock star in a white jumpsuit or  canine card players!

Steve showed me his favorite wine!  I think he is getting some for this weekend for him and his Girl! giggity

This one I know was meant for my friend Jen. LOL..

I see this all I hear is Frankie goes to Hollywood, which is really the opposite result of what usually happens when consuming too much wine! lol

Three blind moose! See how they MWAAAAAAHHHH (Princess diaries reference)

This is for all you that really like to sit down to a nice mug  of drink dressed in your Viking helmet and chain mail thong!

And because I like to throw curveballs here! This is how we decorate the trees for Christmas in my hood!(and they wonder why I am moving?)


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  1. Oh man, you know what is delicious? Take a shot of mead and put it in some hard apple cider. They call it a bee sting.

  2. Another amusing post all around, but “the hanging curveball” was the biggest hit in my funny zone! Lol

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