And now… the NEWS!

So since this is a Saturday I think I will reference the news and all its weirdness! All these are found on huffington post.

Talk about getting a good bang for your buck!
Russian Buys Crates, Gets Kalashnikov Content Free
Talk about Born to be wild! lol
Police Ticket Gael Noriega, 6, For Reckless Driving After Toy Motorcycle Hits SUV
Cops love doughnuts! Why can;t the TSA love the cuppycakes!
Rhode Island Bakery Offers ‘TSA-Approved’ Cupcakes
I heard this was one of the hottest art shows in  NYC. Everyone was dying to get in!
‘Boxed: Fabulous Coffins’ Exhibition To Run At The Southbank Centre
It’s not a tumor! (said in best arnold schwarzenegger voice) Side note.. how the fuck do you let this go for so long?!
200-Pound Tumor Successfully Removed From Vietnamese Man Nguyen Duy Hai
You thought your dog  (and owner) were bad?
Demon Dog: Olga Horvat Claims Her Poodle Was Possessed — And She’s Got Something To Sell You

Last but not least…. If you have the munchies.. maybe nibbling on a crossing guard or mall cop is advisable!?

Paul M. Brock, Indiana Theft Suspect, Allegedly Threatened To Eat Officers, Dogs

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