Quickie on the fly

So there was a story that came across one of my favorite Techie reports abotu how the BBC ran a story condemning “Booth babes” at the most recent CES.  For those of you not familiar with this  CES is a large electronics show that the new toys\gadgets  and such are unveiled for the upcoming year or so.  Apart of this is women who’s sole purpose there is to attract the attention to horny geek males and some females to the booth who they were hired for.


Here is the story. http://gizmodo.com/5876507/this-kind-of-ignorance-is-what-gives-gadget-guys-a-bad-name


The story itself did not intrigue me as much as the young lady who actually spoke to the defense of the babes. God bless her what she said I could not resist replying in my true Deviant fashion! We need more ladies like her in the world.

Her name has been removed out of respect, however because I am a good sport I actually emailed her the link to this post! lol



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