A belated Christmas story from the past

So one year working for a local grocery store chain I was stationed in the produce department. Since this was the Christmas we had many seasonal items including nuts.


Well one day I had a young woman about 19-21 years of age walks up to me and without thinking about what she says asks “My mom wants to know if your nuts are fresh!?”


I just stop and look at her trying to process what was just said to me with a very confused look on my face.

Her mom seeing this whole thing dies laughing and realizing what just happened, the young girl turns bright red and walks away slowly.




A few days later a young woman and her son come into the department and he begins to run away. She then calls out his name (I will spell this how she pronounced it) Marqeese  DeSharday  whatever his last name.  So essentially she named him Marquis DeSade and just changed the accent on the names.. lol


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