Amusing youtube videos that do not make sense.

So before SOPA and PIPA kick into full swing and severely handicap most of my sources for content (lol) I think I will post this.

Someone laid Pussycat Dolls video over classical music. This is like putting up stripper poles in an opera. Granted would make it more interesting.. but then who would pay attention to Pavarotti?

Classical Pussy….cats!

Selena Gomez… feeding that stereotype by being a pretty Hispanic maid in this video and repeatedly saying “Tell me something I don’t know!”   Umm Selena… you are dating Justin Bieber… and more men find him prettier than they do you!

Work that mop girlfriend!

Ok.. so I am not familiar with Bollywood and what they find entertaining.. but really I am not sure the point of this club remix video other than part of it is supposed to invoke vertigo and they other part is Pro Cloning?

Dude..who does your hair!?

This last one I could not stop laughing. This is what happens when the Director’s assistant accidentally hires and  dance choreographer instead of a fight choreographer! LOL

Everybody was Kung-fu fighting…. heee yah! *snaps*


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  1. Hi,
    Well I can honestly say I couldn’t watch any of those videos all the way through, in fact, I no sooner started them and then flipped back here, so I have to say that I totally agree with you. 😆

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