Weekend outing.

So as always had a rather smooth weekend.  Though it did have it’s moments.


So in going out I had to stop off at several places when I noticed the container store.  Being curious I went in.



Did you know you can buy metal storage cans that look like logs of wood? I guess this is what you use to store your chipmunk food or something. lol


Then there are these nifty inventions! Eraser-rings!  Not sure why you need one of these unless you make a lot of mistakes… and wore out the eraser on your pencil! lol

If you are that accident prone… this would not be the only rubber you will need in bulk!

Now this really makes no sense whatsoever.   A reusable soda can with a hole in it smaller than a dime! If you are really this torn up about saving mother that you are going o spend $10 on this and most likely waste more soda that you can get in this contraption… drink a damn bottle of water you damn hippy! LOL


Admit it… you want to pop them all!

As I was leaving. I was walking through the indoor parking and noticed this….

How did the entire car get covered INSIDE!?


As I was leaving a couple of asshats in a Porsche decided it would be cool to speed up in the passing lane and honk at a couple of girls in miniskirts as they drove by. Unfortunately when the driver hit the horn it got stuck and because he pissed off so many people with his driving no one would let him over to pull off to fix it! lol 3-4 blocks with this going on and everyone staring at him.



Now I found a club for all you World of Warcraft players! YAY! ( So going to hear it in the email now lol)


Last but not least… reader submission from Emily.  Once you see it.. you will shit bricks!  ha


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  1. I’m re-posting this just for the Porche story!

  2. Hi,
    Isn’t it amazing some of the strange things we can find in shops, sometimes I wonder if people do actually buy some of this stuff. 😀
    I had to laugh at the cans, that is just beyond ridiculous. 🙂

    • Yeah, there were other things there I saw like the Lego storage containers that looked like a wall of severed legoman heads but was not able to get a pic because I got a call at that time. lol

  3. I do want to pop all the bubbles.

  4. Yes, I must also confess to an intense wave of lust for bubble wrap popping flooding over me as soon as I gazed upon that picture… You fiend!!! Lol

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