So it is nice to know I can still shock the hell out of my boss!

So as I was talking with our dispatcher my boss was in the conference room that is adjacent to the front desk.

I heard what sounded like him trying to talk to me through the 2 inch thick glass and looked at him. (yes I have exceptional hearing and pick up on stuff that most people do not lol)


He in turn looked at me and gave me this weird look like “What? did you want something?”


Taking that he had not meant to gain my attention, took this opportunity to be myself.


I then proceeded to stick one hand up in the air and do pelvic thrusts as though I were riding a bull whilst wiggling my tongue like Gene Simmons from KISS!


Needless to say he lost it and started laughing uncontrollably.  He then got up and immediately pulled a dollar bill from his wallet and came out of the conference room to stick it in my belt!


See it pays to have a good attitude at work.. and well a loose wingnut like me.


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  1. slow non-sarcastic clap starts….into full audience of clapping and cheering. awesome.

  2. Hi,
    I love it, good on you, and you got a dollar as well, bonus. 😀

  3. Some things don’t change! You should have told him to not be such a cheapskate ;D That entertainment was worth SO much more.

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