Facebook is suggesting friends again!

Looks like they did not learn their lesson and now they have to pay! lol

So this Redskin’s fan was a suggestions from FB to me as a friend!?  First off why would they even suggest this guy since I am a Steelers fan? Second, why is he wearing his  sister’s jersey?

Parents… ever wonder why they had to institute SOLs in school and STILL your kids are barely passing and then becoming slacker ass useless lumps of self entitled crap? VIOLA!

Somewhere out there is a lonely stripper pole waiting for her to graduate\drop out  highschool!

Far be it from me to judge or even care who you love and marry! Though if you are going to put “Interested in women” and then post a pic like this?  LOL…  then again ,aybe the one guy is trying out to get a shot at Jersey Shore. Happy Valentines day!

Ok Seriously????? Who the fuck does this to their face?  Makes you wonder what the thought process behind this was!?  ” Girls  love icecream! Imma get a icecream cone tatted on  muh face and then girls will lick it!”

Oddly enough this girl has over 3000 friends already. Wonder why?

Last but not least, truth in advertising! 


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  1. Yep I don’t understand how these friend suggestions work. You should see Twitter. Am I the only one who gets recommendations to follow people I already follow? Tech fail.

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