Really Hollywood? Do you need more creativity?

So the other night I was looking at movies to see if anything good is coming up they have not started advertising.


This is what I saw and it is NOT good. lol


Abraham Lincoln….. vampire hunter!?

Really… the guy that helped free slaves slew vampires.  This is where I get nerdy. Lincoln died in 1865 …. Stoker did not invent vampyres until 1897….

Other than that I am sure this will be a GREAT movie… -__-

(then again the master of weird IS directing Mr Tim Burton)

Four score and seven WTFs ago!



Next is a movie called Warm Bodies!

This is a movie about a zombie that falls in love with a girl and their forbidden love takes them on zany adventures!  (wonder if these asshats are going to sparkle as well)



Hansel and Gretel…. witch hunters…..?


OK the Main plot on this one is two teenage kids with no self control and issues with compulsive eating. Oh and this takes place 15 years after the original story!

(sorry no snazzy movie poster so I will just add the picture of the hot actress playing Gretle, Gemma Arterton)

Wow the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!


Speaking of bad eating habits! (woohoo segway)


Butter…. a movie about a butter carver! No seriously… a movie about a Butter carver!

I smell a conspiracy from the corn farmers of America and movie theater owners!

Mmmm Jennifer Garner covered in butter!


Next up! Hysteria… the movie about the invention of the Vibrator!

Not sure if this is more comedy than drama, there has not been a big buzz about it!




Last but certainly the least!  Step up 4!

A movie about a beautiful girl, that is from the streets! She wants to be a dancer and falls in love with an older badboy that happens to be an out of work underwear model in real life! Together thay can overcome any adversity and end of saving the world by dancing the forbidden dance! The HokeyPokey!   ok seriously.. when are teenage girls going to see it is the same story over and over.. even in 3D!?



ssshhhhaaa PUSH IT!


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  1. I’ll watch the Abe Lincoln one… the historian in me would love to see how they tie this in with “Abe, the mortal”… lol

  2. “A vampire divided cannot stand!” *cuts vampire in half with katana*

  3. These look crazy but the hysteria and the vibrator one actually looks REALLY interesting! The rest sound so bad…and I am so watching them all.

  4. Have high hopes for “Hysteria” but can only hope that the movie has the power to take that initial buzz of excitement, and and make it last long enough to fully satisfy the audience right up to the very peak of the film’s climax, and then leave them with the warmth of afterglow at the end, as the credits roll… Otherwise it will be a 15 minute “short” with a lot of boring pillow talk to fill out its feature film length, so let’s hope it’s a movie that can really go the distance!

    “Mmmm Jennifer Garner covered in butter!” Thanks! Now there’s a thought I won’t be able to get out of my head for the rest of the day! Lol – When I get home, my wife will greet me at the door with “Hi honey! How was your day?” And I will helplessly answer “Mmmm Jennifer Garner covered in butter!” Hope that you can sleep well tonight, while I’m sleeping alone on the couch!

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