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More stupid news!

So here it is Wednesday and i am bored out of my skull. So how better to cure this than to make fun of people pretending to be hard hitting journalists.





You would have thought she learned her lesson about how wieners can destroy your hopes and aspirations!

Porn and Hot Dogs Destroyed Teen Mom 2 Marriage



I do not know why this is news worthy! When was the last time you were banged by a big hairy ape? (ok one night stands do not count if liquor was involved!)


Chimps With Vasectomies Mysteriously Knocking Up Lady Chimps



OK seriously…. Angelina Jolie has been Almost full naked in almost every film she has made (and if you look hard enough you will find her pictures during her stint as a model full nude)! So why the hell are people so damn twisted up about her leg? Was it hollow? Did she adopt IT from a third world country as well?

Entertainment Tonight Is Still Obsessed with Angelina Jolie’s Leg


Unfortunately the following story does not apply to the hardcore weed smokers. Most of those guys are baffled on most things except how to work an XBOX or PS3! Go figure.


Want to Feel Smart? Shove a Sprig of Rosemary Up Your Nose



Huffington post

Oddly enough Facebook and WordPress were not on the list.

7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Time On Right Now


Now you see why the people that work in fast food theses days… are there!


Fast Food Fails


This one by far takes the cake… or the hashbrowns! lol

University Of Georgia Soccer Player Carli Shultis Allegedly Steals Hash Browns By Stuffing Them In Her Pants