mixed bag

Today’s post is going to be half weekend experience, 1/4 friend suggestion and 1/4 WTF!

So on my way back from getting my truck inspected I was following behind a man driving and older model ford f150.   I am assuming he was a painter as he had 36 ladders of assorted sizes strapped to the top of the make shift rack he had, in the bed of the truck and on the sides of the truck with make shift holder racks.

Needless to say there was no shelf that man could not reach.

About a mile down the street a comcast truck decided to slam on brakes in the middle of route 50 for no reason.  No one was in front of him or even near him at the moment. Needless to say this forced all of us behind him to start swerving to avoid this newly stationary object.

Finally I stopped by the grocery store and noticed something I had to ask a worker about. There was a big tape blue X on the incoming sliding door. He explained too many people kept running into the door and breaking the glass so they had to do this.

I guess some people should stop texting and driving their carts lol

Now onto the second leg.

This was actually more of  seeing this guy talking on a facebook page and how he was threatnening to kick someone’s ass for going against what he said and he wanted to pay to fly the guy down to FL to shoot.

Sorry but when you post pics like this and then try to be an internet gangster… you are going to get made fun of.(fyi he says on his profile he is into women) I guess that is why he has Fister on his uniform?

ANother on I was suggested a friend that had this as a profile picture.

Last but not least I was looking for and example of  what I call a Bouncy ball.  I grew up during the 70s where we had these large rubber balls that had come character like Mickey mouse as the head and his ears were the handles so you could straddle it and ride\bounce on it.

Needless to say this was the FIRST  things that came up in the search! LOL


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m probably gonna have nightmares now about rainbow pissing unicorn ass cracks!!! That shit is seriously effed up! Lol

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