Mixed messages

So lately I have been seeing this commercial for the new Hyundai hybrid car.

The music which is played during the commercial is called Push It by Salt and Pepa which is about SEX.

Now why would an advertising group choose an 80s hip hop song by a group from the Queens\Bronx area about sex to market an eco-friendly hybrid Korean car (which there is no chance in hell of you getting laid in guys sorry)?

Would have made more sense seeing all those fluffy critters in the commercial pile into the car while Billy Ocean’s get out of my dreams get into my car!?

Speaking of 80s songs I was driving to work listening to the local R&B station (FYI my taste is music would blow your minds) when Jermaine Stewart- We Dont Have To Take Our Clothes Off comes on. 

During the song he sings “So come on baby, won’t you show some class, Why you want to move so fast. We don’t have to take our clothes off, To have a good time
Oh no
We could dance & party all night, And drink some cherry wine!”

Ok seriously.. if you are bumping and grinding whilst drinking an alcoholic beverage what do you really think is going to come of this? 

I understand this was meant as an attempt to quell teenager lust, but promoting drinking and condemning sexual relations!?

No wonder kids from the 80s grew up screwed up! HA!

If you are interested in these songs here are the links to the videos… so to speak.


Get out of my Dreams!

Cherry Wine!


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  1. Saw that commercial and immediately had the same reaction – you think you can use the hope of getting laid to advertise a car like that??? You be trippin’ bro! Lol

  2. Hi,
    I haven’t seen that commercial, maybe it is not shown yet here in OZ, but I checkout the link you put up for the song that was in the commercial, and knowing how small a lot of the Hyundai cars are, that would have to be the most ridiculous song to pick for a commercial of this type. Sometimes you just have to wonder who on earth makes some of these ads, and who on earth gives them the OK that’s great signal.

  3. Yep, pretty lazy advertising. FAIL!

    Here’s an example of using a cool song to sell an uncool Korean car in a way that’s remotely clever: http://youtu.be/aFyTxO4FNiY

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