The nut does not fall from the tree

So my mom sent me an email filled with an assortment of pics she has found in her surfing… and now I will share them with you all! lol

Don’t you hate when you are naked and your apartment catches fire?!

Makes you wonder what he was doing to cause it. lol

All off a sudden I want to hire these guys for the ladies in my office building!

Ok no offense… but someone’s Mom should have swallowed! These are the kids you see on a leash.

OR Dad should have just gone a fisin’!

Heh Giggity!

Hmmm this must have been placed by DC road workers!

Well… when you gotta go…

I hate sushi, but I so would go there just to say  “So this is what this place is like! Well fuck me!”

Time for a road trips ladies and gents!

I am never eating here! EVER!EVER!EVER!EVER!EVER! No offense to the LGBT readers!

For those under achievers in life, we have a hotel for you!


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  1. Tell your mom thanks!!! And of course, you get an assist for the amusing captions. These are all good, but the first one made me really laugh out loud, and loud enough to get the attention of everyone around me! But it’s okay, cause I never really liked that job anyway… Lol

  2. Hi,
    Love the photos from your Mum, and your captions well done.
    I agree with Chris, the first photo is hilarious. 😀

  3. Feel free to share with all your loved ones! lol

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