Reasons why I was never to be left alone in the break room.

So when I was younger I worked overnights as a stocker.  Well one night my friend Jordan and I got rather bored being a slow night and light truck.

Well as you know idle hands are the devil’s tools! lol  

So we set out during the lunch hour to pick every lock on the lockers and switch them around on the lockers. 

As we were getting ready to leave we decided to have a bot more fun and proceeded to take an empty MY Dew can and crush in one side to make it cradle-like.  We put a few slits in the middle of the cradle and a hole in the bottom of the can. 

Jordan then took his lighter and burned the slits and dropped in a yellowish piece of cat litter.  Viola! Fake cracksmoker can!

He then started to roll up a piece of paper into a tube while I took some of the pixie stix we bought for lunch and broke one out on the table and chopped it finely and separated it into several lines.

We then quietly left smirking the whole way out till we rounded the last corner and saw my cousin Tanya who was the CSM at the time, leading back a group of new hires for orientation.

Next night I came in and Tanya came up behind me and started scolding me about hat had happened and remarked she was going to kill me if she found out I did it! lol


She never did find out who it was.


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  1. You know when I originally got locked up they wouldn’t let me have no kinda privacy or nothing! Now I’m running voip and email services for the whole prison from my cell! The prison phone system isn’t voip… it’s not like it’s like for real for real (me running the voip) but there’s a couple of the administration that are on my phone network. I think they going to let me run the website soon since I proved myself.

    My bad, my bad. The point is to those who do good have good done returned!

    Word up.

    -Tylon Robinson, CCIE, CCVP, MCITP

  2. Thank you Tylon for the obvious SPAM which had nothing to whatsoever to do with the post! Good luck in your endeavors of trying to steal password and credit card numbers!

  3. Man, I’m no spammer. Although my English holds a taste of urbanitis, it is still way to good to be confused with a spammer. I’d like to see you find someone who holds a CCIE and still spams. They probably never would uh to begin with.

    I was just trying to tell you to play your cards right and you’ll be sleepin’ with Tanya in no time. Word up! 🙂

    -Tylon Robinson, CCIE, CCVP, MCITP

  4. Ummm Dude.. did you happen to see that part where I said she was my COUSIN! Not sure what they do down in your neck of the woods… but my family likes to branch out and not just go straight out in a line! LOLOLOLOL

  5. dayum! i thought by cousin you just meant homegirl. my bad dude. 🙂

  6. Curiosity got the better of me here man and I did some searching! Why does your inmate number say you are a white guy with green eyes and blonde hair?

  7. thats not me. that dude is in mohave county.

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