Another fun weekend.

So as most of you know by now I live in the DC area.  As such I am amazed how this area has survived so long with it’s complete lack of logical reasoning. 

So Friday night we had some snow and ice, which in total was less than an inch.  However you would have thought the ice age had hit from the amount of salt and chems dropped on all the roads and parkinglots.

So I walk in and the first thing I see were booths set up in WalMart to give out free samples of different products.

One of which was a young man perhaps 18-20  giving out samples of handlotion. This itself was not the amusing part but the fact that if you watched him he had left hand in his pocket and was jerking it erratically. This with the combination of he handlotion could not be helped but to laugh.  Then I actually caught site of what he was looking at! lol  (bet this would make a few guys pull their pants up if they knew this was happening!)

I come around the corner and and hear a mother complaining about a guy staring at her daughter! I then later see the daughter and realize that she is running around in her see through white pajama pants with black panties on!  Kind of made me want to go by lawn and garden and get a shovel to hit the mother with!

I then happen upon someone building a display for Twilight . After taking the product  from the box it had to be removed from these plastic bags. What I saw here I could not resist but to make fun of.   Lets this be a warning! Do not place plastic bag over head and then choke yourself!  Of course it was Twilight so I can understand why someone might be tempted to do this.


As I am leaving I noticed that it was taking these two guys and a supervisor to figure out how to make this vacuum cleaner work.  They were not successful! lol

So since the evil WalMart has moved in the bloom next door is going out of business. So I decided to stop in and see if there are any deals.  I know now what it will look like if there is ever a zombie apococlypse! lol

After a few more hours of doing non interesting things like getting food and such I get cut off on the way home by this guy! All I kept thinking to myself was “Target in sight!”

I get home and as I am walking up the stairs to get to my apartment when I see this sitting on the neighbors door from the day before! Thank you Sarah Smith for letting us all know you are not going to be home and that someone is to leave your stuff right here! lol

I finally get home and eat then play some xbox when I am invited to a group of friends.  As I am sitting there waiting for the game to start a few other people I do not know are joined. My friend Dan decides to tease them a bit by claiming they smoke a particular brand of cigarette because of one persons gamertag.  To which this starts the rile up with them insinuating he is being racist because they happen to be black!  About this time the girlfriend of one of them decides to start talking to defend herself when no one spoke to her and says loudly “I’ll tell you now I don’t smoke nothin!”   To which I reply you smoke nothing at all? Including the pole?”

Needless to say this did not go over well with the group and there were some threats made at me.  Being totally intimidated by the interwebs posse here all I could do was stop and laugh! They immediately disconnected from the chat part of the group but continued to play until the round was over.   Dan said I really know how to make friends. lol


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