More friend suggestions!

Seriously.. I think Mark Zuckerberg likes seeing where I go with these things!



So my first thought when seeing this was… How much SpaceCake did they give her at this Alice in Wonderland party!?



This next one was found in a folder of the user marked SUICIDE GIRLS! This is a fail!



So this one confuses me….  Are they Redneck Gangstas supporting gay pride… or Gay Gangstas supporting redneck pride?


Dress name is LapDanceswithWolves   she takes tips in leather… beads… blankets… and fur!


I really have no words to describe this one! Feel free to help me out! lol


So question… who does this to themselves… and then posts it on their facebook??


I really hate to see what happens here when it pops! lol   Oh if but I were a fly on the wall at this time!



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  1. Hi,
    Thank You for the good laugh to start off the day, early morning here where I am. 😀

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