Another day in my life.

So on the way to work today I stop to drop off trash and find what looks like a IKEA firesale!


I then get behind a van with the license plates “COED FUN”, this in itself is giggle worthy.  However when i passed the van there was a big sign with big letters  stating “BRATWURST KING”. Needless to say I was amused and disturbed in the same moment. BratwurstKing


I then come to work and as I am sitting there talking to my boss a worker that is repairing the brick work on the side of the building decides to walk out into the wooded part of the area and start urinating on a tree in front of all the office buildings there.  Either he does not realize the window let us see out or he wants to put on a small puppet show for everyone.



A little later my technician comes into my office freaking out because he just made a customer start crying on the phone. What he did not realize is this woman is a mentally unstable workaholic that is laying in a hospital bed for various health and exhaustion issues. Why you ask?  Because she always says yes to anything put in front of her by her bosses and her bosses take full advantage of this because she gets things done.


During this time another co-worker sends me this.  Which I want an entire box of!


Fast forward to closing where I stop by the local store and while in line I noticed these magazines.

I personally do not care one way or another how companies display their magazines, especially since these days anyone with a 4th grade education and access to google can most of this stuff online.  However if you are going to impose morality onto people at least be consistent!   How can you in good conscience put a cover over Cosmo because it has ORGASM on it… but talk about illegal drugs use in the Washingtonian is ok? lol

(must be all those newagers that eat their hemp oatmeal LOL)


I finally get home to the safety and solitude of my domain to get on XBOX where I am met with a child that says he eats babies for fun! LOL WTF



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  1. Ha ha…the urinator must be from Oklahoma. That is a regular thing where I come from.

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