Fan submission!!

So my friend Antonio sent the following in with a story about this grocery store that I could not believe or leave alone! lol

So the name of the store is called Aldi.   When he went in there was time limit parking on the parking places, which is ludicrous unless you are The Flash!

He then proceeded to go into the front door where he was met with another absurd obstacle! Rental baskets!  You have to PAY 25 cent to have the privilege of using the cart!

When he got in he learned that they do not bag your groceries in the typical paper or plastic, but instead offer to SELL you reusable cloth bags as their ONLY alternative!

Needless to say he left without purchasing anything! lol  (Wonder if they give free lapdances for purchases of $100 or more)

As thanks for this submission and the photos he sent I would like to return the favor by promoting his record label!   Below is the link to his Official website. From there you can go to their blog and youtube sites to experience the movement! I encourage you all to check it out and feel free to share it with all your friends and family that may appreciate it!



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  2. These stores are also in Australia, the parking is not limited (yet) but you need a dollar coin if you want a trolley (cart) and you make sure you take your own bags. They maintain they are cheaper, but it is very limited on what they have to offer.

    We have a few places now that you either pay for plastic bags usually 10 cents or you bring your own or buy a cloth bag, the larger supermarkets still have plastic bags, but the powers that be are trying to ban the plastic bags altogether.

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