Mass distraction lol

So we were talking about the different trouble we got into as kids in school when I was reminded of my freshman biology class with Mr Snow.


I got bored one day as we were learning about owl pellets (because I had already done this before in middle school) so I decided to have some fun.


I began looking up at the ceiling with a quizzical look on my face like I was trying to figure out the meaning of life or something when my friend Claude goes “Dude what are you looking at?”


I pointed up and began staring up again, he in turn did the same.

As I kept looking up and down over the next 15 minutes or so I realized that the majority of the class was now looking up at the ceiling as well looking all around trying to figure out what one another was looking at.Mind you this was a class of 40-50 students.


The entire time Mr Snow  was watching this ( I am sure  both impressed and annoyed) and finally called me out on it by simply saying to me “You know where to go!”  and off to the principal I went to explain what had happened.

He also was amused by this and lectured me for a bit on behaving and I got detention after school for one day! lol

Totally worth it!


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