So recently there was a female model on the front of GQ that was naked and they arrested the publisher because the man that was also on there was some supposedly famous soccer player from Tunisia. 

What is funny is not the pic but the people screaming on both sides of the fence about each other.

You know me.. I cannot pass up an opportunity to make fun of people in their natural state of being.

Since I love building suspense I am putting the comments first and then you can see the pictures and see if these people are nuts or on the mark.

Liberal defined by Merriam Websters

obsolete : lacking moral restraint : licentious
: not literal or strict : loose <a liberal translation>
: broad-minded; especially : not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or traditional forms
So for liberalism to die… people/groups  need to turn away from it’s ideals and rebel against it’s fundamental basis of thinking\beliefs?  Wait.. if Liberals turn away from conservatives because their ideals are too constrictive, what is  it called when you turn away from liberalism? LOL… bet you are scratching your head on that one huh?
I think this guy should be arrested for propping up his head.  To complain that  two consenting adults being paid for what they are doing  results in the woman being arrested is ludicrous.  Fact of life buddy most open minded adults can appreciate nudity.  Personally I would not mind seeing Christina Hendricks or Adele in this picture instead… but you do not see me jumping up on my soap box! lol  (something tells me he thinks by doing this he is tying to score points with a girlfriend that hates this picture)
LOL.. meet Mr Oppostunist!  Have to appreciate his simple but elegant smart ass remark! Kudos!
Not sure about you guys, but I saw no tassles or nipples! I think my friend here has been dipping into the spacecake!   Wait smaller nipples?!?!  Someone call Chris Hanson.. I think we have a live one!
HEEEEEES BAAAACK!  Ok dude… seriously.. If we cut out sex appeal from general entertainment or media then life is going to be pretty boring.  Women’s soccer and tennis will all be played in long pants and turtle necks, no more women’s swimming Olympic sports, no more mud wrestling!   Then if we do that we would have to ban males from being topless or tank tops! No more for  Mark Harmon on  NCIS ( my Mom will track you down and kill you with her barehands on that one skippy) no more Harlequin romance novels and WWF will all have to dress in full length body suits. This will annoy a lot of people on both genders! Lol
Yeah… because all soccer players  get hot women draped all over them half naked all the time! David Beckham does not count! LOL
I  totally agree young lady! Nothing more appalling than a woman baring her body and soul for public display!  Want to show me your boobs and make me even more perturbed? (Sarcasm.. see I can do it too!)
So.. what you are saying is that the supposed 53% of kids being born have no future because of a picture?  If this were really porn… then circumstances in hand  would dictate the  opportunity  for impregnation to be precluded ?!  (think about it really hard lol)
Preaching to the choir sister!
And finally… what you all have been waiting for!!
FYI here is the link to the story if you are interested OMG BOOBS!

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  1. Opinions are like assholes – everybody’s got one. But the biggest and most gaping “opinions” can be found online in comment sections like the one you’ve documented here. Good post!
    And wow… I’ve never been much of a fan of GQ cause it’s like a magazine full of advertising that’s interrupted by an occasional article, but that cover is HOT! But that’s just my opinion… Lol

  2. My only opinion on the matter is that those are some nice tittays.

  3. It is my pleasure to share with you The Liebster Blog Award. There is no need for you to do anything with it, other than to just enjoy it and take it as a compliment. Have a great day! 🙂

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