Shopping for the strange and unusual!

So thanks to my friend Roger I found this very odd site

Here are some examples of the things that jumped out at me!

Ever wonder what it would be like if the movie  Flashdance were based in Canada instead of Pittsburg?  Well I think this is the perfect example of what could have been.

So does your girlfriend like to dress up like random fury creatures?  Instead of getting her therapy, get her a headband with animal ears!

This is for all you Moms out there, who like to get crunk! Salute!

Ok this one confuses me… is the sock really lost? Because if it was lost… why it is here? Which means it is not really lost!

So want to turn your old boring water gun into a STEAMPUNK water gun?  They have a kit for that!

Enabling Alcoholic college kids to be unique and one of a kind!

Anyone else need a $300 tea pot? If you said yes, then you really need to have your credit card taken away.

Ok it is bad enough we as humans have gotten so lazy we expect people to do stuff for us so we have to exert the minimal amount of effort for maximum payout, but do we need to force our bad habits on the rest of the animal kingdom? This is the nest material holder!

Last but not least… I really have no words to describe this… though we can run a contest! best caption wins a mustache ride from the guy that played Newman on Jerry Seinfeld!


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