Customer service 101

So  yesterday I went and picked up the keys to my new apartment, during which I got to talking about the different jobs I did in the past and the jobs the gentleman showing me the place did as well.

He told me that his brother worked for Direct TV  in their technical help area.

He had a man call one night saying he was trying to order some pay per view and it was not working.

The tech asked what was he trying to order so he could better figure out what was going on.

The man replied “Adult entertainment content”. 

After looking at a few things he finally said he saw no issues with the kind of content he was interested in.  The man then finally came out ( no pun intended) and admitted he was trying to order gay porn.

The tech looked and explained to the user that there was no specific gay porn on the adult  on demand and apologized. 

The customer then become enraged and started screaming at him about then not offering gay porn as a selection and then hung up!



Now being the open minded person I am, I cannot judge this person about his choice in entertainment. however I can wonder what in the hell possessed him to go of on a total stranger for something that was WAY beyond his control.  I really am starting to lose all faith in humanity and an hoping for a viable planet we can colonize soon! lol




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  1. I suspect that excessive consumption of alcohol was involved, but that’s just a theory…

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